Wallpaper and wall decor ideas

Wallpaper is no longer just a reminder of grandma’s outdated house. It has become popular and fashionable again thanks to fresh new styles and types of papers to choose from, including some that can even be painted. If you live in an older home that suffers from uneven walls, textured vinyl wallpaper can be the solution to disguising imperfections without spending thousands replacing drywall. This type of wallpaper can also be painted any shade to suit your style.

Ready to transform your home? Before installing wallpaper, it’s critical to prepare the walls properly. Our team of professionals will patch, sand, and prime any holes or cracks. Occasionally, when working with thinner paper, an entire wall may need some light sanding to provide the smoothest surface possible and prevent small bumps from showing through and ruining the look. Sizing, another step, is important to allow the paper to grip the wall and provide a slippery surface on which to move the paper around during hanging. We make sure to complete this step properly as it also makes the paper easier to remove in later years when you’re ready for a change.

Already have wallpaper that needs removal? Don’t ignore this step and make sure you hire professionals! Wallpaper can be peel-able or strippable. Strippable paper can be removed easily by peeling it off. Peelable means the top layer of paper will come off, but the backing will have to be removed separately. If the removal is not done properly, you risk severely damaged walls that require an expensive skim coating.

Save yourself money and headaches by doing the job right the first time. Our team has many hours of experience with wallpaper installation and removal. Give us a call to schedule a consultation and hire us for your home or business. Get in touch today!