Faux painting and ideas

Faux painting is a term used to describe decorative finishes that imitate different natural materials like marble, stone, wood, or any other texture that looks different than your standard one color painting.

The ability to achieve perfect color matches is one of the advantages of choosing faux paint techniques for your project. Being able to mask minor wall unevenness or imperfections is another. Although choosing to wallpaper is another equally priced solution for less than ideal surfaces, faux painting leaves walls smooth and ready for new colors and designs when the time comes. Applying wallpaper provides less flexibility as it will require professional wallpaper removal down the road.

The word “faux” is defined as “false” in its original French, but has become an all-encompassing term for all types of decorative painting from the very simple to the painstakingly detailed and complex. Sponging, Ragging, Color Wash, Sculpting Stone, Strie, Stripes, Plaids, Tissue Paper, Stencils and Venetian Plaster are just a handful of possibilities in the faux finish wheelhouse. To really feel the full effect of a faux painting technique in a room, we highly advise letting our designer paint two or three large sample boards with your choices before reaching a final decision.

Once the design is finalized, rest assured our painting experts take all of the same care with the surface preparation as with solid painting. That means minor patching, sanding, priming, removing old picture hooks or window hardware and, of course, a full clean-up at the end of every work day. For examples of our past faux painting projects, please see our portfolio or get in touch to set up a consultation.