Residental painting services

Painting your home is the most cost effective way to give it a refreshing new look without spending thousands of dollars on all new furniture and decor. Just changing your wall colors can make a world of difference.

The thought of choosing the perfect hues from the thousands available can be extremely overwhelming. We help to remove the intimidation! Working with your existing furniture and furnishings, we’ll help to put colors in place that work with everything in each of your rooms. If you’re still nervous about the commitment, we go one step further to make you confident – we let you live with the color until you’re sure by painting your final selections on poster board and taping on the appropriate walls. Feel a sigh of relief yet?

Once it’s time to put paint on the walls our professionalism truly shines. We treat your home as our own -- covering floors and furniture; removing old picture hooks and window treatment hardware; checking for cracks and corner beading problems; patching, sanding and priming all repairs -- before any paint is ever applied.

Most painters in the industry apply two coats of paint standard. Our philosophy is we apply until full coverage is achieved. Some colors cover completely in one coat and some require three or more. A past project using a pink color took a record six coats to get complete coverage. The good news is we don’t charge extra for colors that require more than two coats. The better news is you can save money on paint with colors that cover in one. And don’t worry, whether one coat or six we clean up after ourselves every night on the job.

Ready to get started? Call or email us today to make a consultation appointment or to get a quote.

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