House painting services

Creative Walls and Spaces offers two different levels of color consulting to better fit your project’s needs.

Regardless of which you choose, we provide a free price quote which includes an itemized list of all areas within a room that require painting – ceiling, crown molding, walls, windows, doors, baseboard trim, closets, etc. – and allow each client to customize the job by choosing only the areas that fit within their budget.

Basic Color Consultation Only – Relying on two decades of interior design expertise, we provide a customized palette for the spaces in your home. Starting in the main living area and working room to room, we use your home’s existing fabrics, finishes and details as a guide to select colors that complement your space. Each open place adjoining the main area receives a thoughtfully selected hue that works harmoniously to create a flow throughout.

At the conclusion of the consultation, each chosen color is noted and compiled into a complete write-up outlining the name and number of each paint and its corresponding room.

Painting services and Color Consultation – Once our quote, for painting services, is approved, we provide clients with everything that is included in the color consultation process. In addition to that , we paint each color selected. on poster board. We then deliver the poster boards to your home where we place them on the appropriate walls where you can review the selected colors in a large sample. Wall painting is a commitment and what seems like a great choice on a small swatch, can express itself differently when painted on a large scale. We encourage our clients to spend a couple of days living with the samples, seeing them at different times of day and night making sure they’re truly excited about their new spaces.

After the colors have been determined and approved, we discuss the correct paint type and sheen for each room. Flat, Eggshell, Matte and Semi-gloss all provide different looks and different durability. We will help you determine which finish is right for which room.

Painting Services – Following the consultation, we offer our expert painting services which include:

  • Full service, high quality interior painting
  • Wallpaper application and removal
  • Drywall finishing
  • Faux finishes
  • Custom creative designs

Color Consulting


HOA and multi family painting

Residential painting services


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