Color Consulting

Possibly you have already taken ten trips to the paint store and brought home a dozen paint samples, but still feel like you have no real vision and no idea what you’re looking for. Or maybe you already have an exact image in your mind but need some advice on how to recreate it.

Our clients fall into those categories and everywhere in between. Our job at Creative Walls & Spaces is to collaborate on each project and allow each client to choose how much of our input they would like.

During a typical consultation, we conduct a walkthrough of each space to be painted. We gather information about how you use your rooms and any immovable fixtures like countertops and flooring. Finally we take into consideration your furniture, fabrics and favorite decorative pieces to make sure the walls of your rooms help create a flow throughout your home.

The goal of each consultation is to find colors that not only make sense from a design perspective, but make our clients happy, and serve them for many years to come.

Once we reach a consensus with our clients on the final choices, we present a full write-up detailing the paint colors chosen and corresponding space for each.

If you’re interested, our color consultation service is available for free to all clients hiring Creative Walls & Spaces for paint jobs, but is also open to clients looking to hire an expert color consultant only.

If you have questions regarding consultation or are ready to dive into a project, call us today to set up a meeting!

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